Solar Power System Service

Solar Power System Services, Testing and Calibration Services, Control & Instrumentation Services, Electrical Services, Engineering Services, Fire Security & BMS Services, AMC, Manpower & Commissioning Assistance .

Our service includes project management, design, supply, installation, testing/ commissioning and maintenance of solar PV systems.

As the world gets more competitive; there is an ever demand to provide better quality products as well as lower costs. Better quality means higher level of automation and hence higher demand for energy. At the same time the cost of energy is also ever rising.

To lower the cost on a long term basis, a solution that has come forth is setting up solar photovoltaic rooftop system that can cater to a part of our energy requirement. With better technology and relaxed government regulations, solar as a viable energy source has developed as an option in the last few years.

Today, due to the long life of 25 years and very low maintenance; more and more businesses are utilizing their rooftops to install a solar photovoltaic rooftop system to bring down their energy costs. The government too is incentivizing such installations.

Moreover, the solar energy is completely clean green energy, helping us bring down pollution!!!